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agricultural electrician in Indiana - Kosciusko County Region farm and electrical power repair

Based in the heart of an agricultural community, we understand the importance of having your farm running at peak operation at all times. We specialize in all types of agricultural wiring, from poultry houses to dairy farms.

Agricultural operations, farms, and ranches cannot exist without electricity to operate water pumps, irrigation systems, and storage facilities. Efficient lighting and control systems conserve energy.

Kemp Electric, electricians and an electrical contractor licensed in Indiana can inspect your farm or ranch’s agricultural electrical system and offer upgrade solutions that will save your facility energy and money.

Agricultural ElectricianThe farming industry is constantly changing and we strive to stay on top of the latest technology available to help simplify your farming needs. You can depend on us for installation and to help you maintain your farm in a timely and productive manner.

We continue to be of service to various types of agricultural electrical operations and projects:


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