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Are you experiencing lost of electrical power on your farm? Is your workplace facing the danger of electrical hazards? Do you need a data support systems and back-up generator install at your plant? Kemp Electric is available to help within a 90 mile radius of Nappanee, Indiana. Give us a call today.

Full-Service Electrician

There is no job too large for Kemp Electric. We service the Agricultural alternative energy, Commercial power, Industrial electric, and residential sustainable energy systems of businesses and homes in and around the Michiana region. Contact Kemp Electric today!

Creative Solutions

At Kemp Electric we do more than repair and install electrical wires. We help businesses perform better by merging new ideas with technological innovation that save money, time, and increase safety. If you are in need of an electrical contractor, contact Kemp Electric now!

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Electrical Symbols

Last time we discussed how architects and electricians work together. Today, we will look at how electrical symbols are used on an architectural plan to highlight both the location and style of electrical tool / device needed to safely complete a project. Now, before you get too excited, I want to take a moment to

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How Architects Work With Electricians and Contractors on Your Project

How Architects Work With Electricians and Contractors on Your Project

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As with all great teams, communication is critical to the success of every project Kemp Electric undertakes. An architect use a set of working drawings, rendering, or plans to designed and make the necessary instructions available for our licensed and skilled electricians to build the structure illustrated within the plans. Every detail is covered and

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Taking Fire Safety Precautions - Kemp Electric - Elkhart County Electrical Contractor

Taking Fire Safety Precautions

Did you know that three out of five fire deaths were the direct result of homes not having smoke alarms, or having a smoke alarm that didn’t work? You have so many aspects to your home where a fire can strike. From electrical storms that short out your electrical circuits to gas leaks that can

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The Danger of Working With An Unlicensed Electrical Inspectors

When you are doing home renovations, you are most likely in a hurry to get things done. While you may be in a hurry, keep in mind that taking shortcuts can be costly. One shortcut you’ll want to avoid is hiring an unlicensed electrical inspector.   Accidents Happen, (But Can Also Be Prevented)   Although

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Kemp Electric - Best Electrical Contractor Sputh Bend Elkhart Warsaw Michiana

Finding South Bend’s Best Commercial Electrical Contractor

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Choosing an electrical contractor is almost like choosing the best doctor for your health. When it comes to your business, you don’t want any liabilities or problems later down the road. Finding South Bend’s Best commercial electrical contractor can be challenging especially if you don’t understand all the technical jargon. Here are some tips to

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